Noom review vol 2

Monday, October 31, 2016

My journey with Noom has been a very long one - since starting my blog I have written two reviews  (1 & 2) for Noom and joined the guys at a launch event in London a while back! The app has had a bit of a makeover lately and the awesome people at Noom asked me to have a nosey around again. As Noom was the app that really got my weight loss journey started, I was more than excited about the opportunity!

The basic structure of the app has remained the same - complete daily tasks and track meals and exercise. This is the main frame for every fitness app around nowadays, but Noom does it with a great twist. The visual structure of the home screen gives you an instant glance of what you've been up to during the day, making everything hassle free and flowing. Pressing the do more- button also gives you an option to track your weight, start a workout or log your blood pressure or glucose levels (logging equipment not included). Keeping your health in check has never been so easy!

The major new update to Noom is the extra features you can purchase to aid you on your journey. Noom has scapped the original Pro- feature, and replaced it with live coaching by a small group of fully qualified coaches. When opting for one of the coaching programs you fill out a simple questionnaire about your goals and once matched to a coach, your coach will arrange a phone call (or Skype if outside the US!) to get everything going. Having the advise and support of a professional available when needed can be an absolute blessing to people who are still new to the whole healthy living business, and being able to chat to someone can mean the difference between a success story and giving up! 

While I didn't really take advantage of the coaching (sorry coach Pete!!), I think it's a fantastic resource from Noom. It is definitely something I haven't seen offered by any other weight loss app, giving Noom a certain edge over all the competition out on the market. I think the new features Noom has come up with are definitely worth a look, even if you're an old user looking to get reaquainted with the app after being away for a while!

The one downside to the revamp is that the database for food seems to be a bit restricted at the moment, especially on items only sold in the UK. While it is quite easy to add things into the database, it's so tempting to just skip tracking something in a rush instead of sitting down for a couple of minutes to write everything down from the ingredients list on the packaging. I'm sure it will fill up very rapidly with everyone adding their favourite go to- meals into the database!

Noom has definitely refreshed their look to their advantage, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice and easy way to track their healthy living choices!

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