I ♥ Shock Absorber

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

I keep going on about this pretty often in the blog - exercising without a decent sports bra is impossible. And just because having boobs isn't challenging enough, try having a cup size way larger than the average (most high street stores only stock sizes up to DD!). Going after specialist stores gets really expensive sometimes..

Shock Absorber seems to be doing some kind of clearance at the minute - maybe they're releasing a new range soon or something? My usual online retailer Very had everything from SA on sale and most of their stock had already gone, so had to find another retailer who still might have my size (and a nice looking bra) in stock.

I wasn't really spoilt for choice at Boobydoo either, but managed to grab these cuties for a bit less than normal price! I was only going to buy one pair but might as well take advantage of the sales! The one on the left is more of a shock pink colour, just turned out a bit more orangey in the light I was taking pictures in.

I've got to admit, the double clasp on the back confused the life out of me at first. It'll most likely take me a bit of time to figure out which hook is the best on the top one, but the bras are so nice and comfy in general. I'm not likely to go and run a marathon in these, so I don't need these to have super powers and glue my boobs in place, but they'll give amazing support for a light jog and general gym workouts.

Now all I need is to head out to the gym and see how well they perform!

This is not a sponsored blog post. :)

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