I'm a viking!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

It's been so long since I've been to the gym! I completely forgot how incredible it is to walk in and just focus on improving yourself physically. It was about 5pm on a Sunday and the gym was practically empty, so getting back into the flow of it was so easy.

I think the last time I rowed on an ergometer must've been during a high school gym class! Sitting down and trying to figure out the menu and damper took a couple of minutes, but after a bumpy start I just got into the 'I'm a viking bitches!' mindset and started rowing.

Not going to lie, I was worried about my back being able to handle the constant pressure the rowing position would put on it. After a couple of minutes I did feel a bit of a sting in my lower back, but supporting my back by tensing my entire core fixed the issue and I could carry on like normal. I was originally going to go for a 40 minute stint, but figured that I have plenty of time to practice and stopped after half an hour.

First of probably thousands of gym selfies!

And just because 45 minutes at the gym wasn't enough, I went on a Pokemon hunt as well for over an hour! I swear this game has made me love walking, according to the game I've already walked 58,5km since it launched. I've struggled to find motivation to go for a walk (even though the weather has been incredible the past few weeks!), so being able to be a complete nerd and relive my childhood whilst getting fitter is so amazing!

Preparing for this competiton has also given me another reason to stick to a healthier diet. I mean I cook pretty healthy most nights, but lately I've had a few too many takeaways for dinner *oops*. Tonight I whipped up turkey meatballs in a tomato sauce with sweet potato mash and peas & sweetcorn, and our fridge is full of healthy ingredients and snacks again.

Lots of fishy plates earlier this week: basa fillet with pasta and veg, tuna with noodles and runner beans & salmon with noodles and beans again.
This is going to be a great summer!

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