Food coma

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's been four days now since I started my PT plan and I feel stuffed. So full up in fact that I've not been able to eat my evening snack at all. A huge bowl of yoghurt and berries just doesn't go down at all!

People keep thinking that losing weight means you need to starve yourself to the point of wanting to eat absolutely anything that crosses your eyes. It really doesn't have to go down to that. The day before I started I took a picture of my fridge (literally just after we'd been shopping for the week). The amount of food I'm actually allowed to eat is crazy, even my other half asked me if I'm reading all the recipes right as it seemed like way too much food to eat on a diet! :D

The fridge is missing 90% of the meat as well, all tucked away in the freezer haha! There's obviously some stuff in there that isn't a part of my diet, after all there is another person living in this flat who doesn't need to lose weight!

So far my dinners have included: rump steak with tomatoes and cucumber, salmon & cucumber casserole (pic on the right), salmon with veg and turkey chilli (pic on the left). I have pimped up some of the recipes to make up for lost calories elsewhere. For example I added a little bit of feta and sweet potato into the chili. The dinners are very low carb, I was worried it'd leave me really hungry but like I said, I can't fit everything in!!

For this week all my lunches are the same - chicken, rice and peppers. I've got to be honest, it's starting to get a little bit dull at this point of the week but I'm determined to carry on! It's only a week and then the lunch changes again, so should be fine.

Oh and I bought a yoga ball! It's been one of those awesome workout gadgets I've wanted for absolutely ages but it's just a bit difficult to fit anywhere.. And as my other half is taking part in the exercise bit of this diet plan, I had to get two of them! 50% off at Sports Direct, woohoo! It's getting towards the end of the month and about a week before payday so getting these bargains in is a life saver haha!

They're so much fun though. After filling them up we just spent ages messing around with them and my other half used them as a foot rest when watching TV. It'll be such a good addition to doing workouts at home, it'll let me get a bit more creative than before. And I will genuinely use it just to entartain myself when I feel bored.

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