A weekend away in London

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Another amazing weekend in London behind me! Meeting up with my closest friends is always such a joy, I've known these people for so long that I know that I can just be myself without being judged or mocked. It's a safe feeling, you know?

It's safe to say that my Juice Plus plan was pretty much out the window for 90% of the time. :D I figured that I'll allow myself to just enjoy the weekend, have whatever I wanted and just get back on track once I got home. There's so little point depriving myself of all the goodies when something like this happens, it's just easier to let go a little bit and have fun.

Our Friday evening meet-up point was the wonderful Green Man Inn / Juicy Bastard Burger Kitchen at Edgware Road. It's been my favourite place to eat for years now, their burgers are just way too delicious to skip! You have no idea how nice it was to tuck into one of their delicious burgers after not eating much all day and running around in London for ages right after work!

Saturday is always our traditional double BBQ day. We all head out to Tesco to buy food and drink, help our wonderful BBQ master with all the prep and just chill in the sun! We always seem to get the incredible weather for these weekends, it's been really miserable for a good month now so a bit of sunshine was so welcome. I actually tanned a little bit!

One of my friends made this amazing bowl of salad for the meal, I think I actually inhaled a good half of the bowl just by myself... :D It had cucumber, red onion, tomatoes, feta, pine nuts, oregano, olive oil and salt & pepper in it. It'll probably be my go-to salad at home from now on, really simple to make and just tastes so delicious!

And I was actually quite sensible with the BBQ food! I had some chilli-mango chicken, new potatoes and loads of the salad.

And just because sitting still all day in the sun can get very exhausting, we booked a booth at a local karaoke bar to split the day up a bit. ;) We did karaoke a few years ago for my birthday and we all enjoyed it so much that we rebooked at the same place and it was just as brilliant as I remembered! It was so much fun, we picked some really cheesy songs and then personal favourites, it's actually our tradition to listen to Blame It on the Boogie every single meetup and now it's on our karaoke list as well! :D Five year tradition going strong, hah!

Our second round of BBQ was just as glorious as the first, only difference being that it was getting so dark outside that we had to improvise with our lighting.. :D We all just turned on the torches on our phones and put empty beer bottles on top, the result was actually really pretty! A potential DIY project for when I have a place with a garden.

Sunday is always Oxo Tower day. Very pricy cocktails, amazing view of London and the best company in the world is the perfect way to end a weekend. :) At £13 per cocktail I really should've stuck to one, but the curiosity in me took over and actually had three... :D Good old mojito, a Mad Hatter and a Singapore Sling. The last one was actually really yummy, couldn't really taste the alcohol in it so I kinda drank it waaay too quickly!

Since coming home I've actually been trying to recover from tendonitis in my ankles. Again. Thankfully it hasn't gotten as bad as it was last year, where I actually had to take a week off work and load myself with strong painkillers. Luckily I can sit down at work when I feel like it now so I'm not even giving it a chance to get too bad.

This is such a horrible timing, though. I ordered myself a six week PT plan a week ago but not been able to start it now because of my ankles. Hopefully by the weekend I'll be recovered enough to start, the folder just keeps staring at me on the desk every day!

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