Running - a life line

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Since last April, I haven't really had a chance to go for a run. Stupid work hours and then becoming ill on and off for the rest of the year really dropped my activity levels down, and this included running.

I've never been a super serious runner / jogger, but I like it as a method of stress relief. I've mentioned it over and over again here how walking is my way of getting away from my daily life and just think. Not saying it's to think about stuff that bothers me - although that's happened quite a few times - but just to recap the day, go through some amazing memories and so on.

Recently I've had the chance to get back to running again! Thanks to summer I've got the opportunity to go out later in the evening without the fear of it turning pitch black outside while I'm still out.  B

But unfortunately my current trainers have started giving me blisters! My wonderful blue babies I've had for a very long time, the trainers that never gave me any kind of hassle.

I suppose they've just come to the end of their lifespan, and that doesn't really surprise me. The oldest picture I found of them was December 2013, and at one point I wore them pretty much every day.

I actually saw a very nice pair of trainers when I was at Gatwick airport a few weeks back (another trip back home with the other half, writing a separate post about that) but at the time I wanted to save my money for my holiday and didn't buy them. Desperately waiting for my payday to get them! I've never imagined paying 100 pounds on a pair of trainers before but I'm starting to understand the value of a quality pair of trainers finally.

So what am I getting? ON Women's Cloud trainers! I've not quite decided on the colour yet but at the moment the grey & neon pink and horizon & coral ones look the most appealing.

... although the olive & flame in the mens selection is to die for. Shame they don't have the same colours for both ranges!

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  1. Mun piti kans muutama viikko sit käydä ostamassa uudet lenkkeilykengät, kun vanhat tosiaan veti jalat rakoille, ja olin laittanu budjetiks semmoset 50e. Kotiin tulin 120e kenkien kanssa. :D En olis koskaan kuvitellu käyttäväni nii paljon rahaa lenkkeilykenkiin kun en oo tainnu mihinkään muihinkaan vaikka korkkareita kyl löytyy monenlaisia.. :) Ne onkin kyl loistavat et en oo katunu.

    Toivottavasti ei haittaa et laitoin kommentin suomeks, tuntu jotenkin luontevammalta. Bongasin tän blogin joskus aikoja sitten MMO-Championin kautta ja oon pitkään seuraillu mut taitaa olla eka kerta kun kommentoin.

    1. Joo! Alkaa näin vanhetessa arvostaa laatua! :D Ärsyttää vaan niin paljon kun näin noi lenkkarit Gatwickin lentokentällä pari viikkoa sitten kun kävin Suomessa mutta ei ollu tarpeeks rahaa mukana, kaikki nettikaupat on 10-20 puntaa kalliimmat.. :D