A month of Juice Plus

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I was introduced to a meal replacement plan from Juice Plus roughly a month ago now. Before I decided it was a good choice I did so much research on it, compared it to other similar plans and went back and forth with the idea of trying it out, but now that I've been doing it for a month, I'm so happy I did!

In very simple terms, Juice Plus is either natural supplement capsules or meal replacement shakes (with caps). I'm on the shake + caps plan which only costs me just over 50 pounds a month - compared to the other plan I was giving a go a while back that would've been twice as much or so.

There's such a big list of benefits of the capsules and shakes, just a few of them to mention are: better nails & skin (my hair is actually growing again!!), improved skin condition and stable energy levels.

I'm not going to lie, I've not been following the guide 100%. I'm replacing one or two meals a day with the shakes and then just have a healthy meals like normal. The guide is very low carb, no gluten and dairy etc, but I've been munching away on brown pasta and lactose free milk haha!

There's so many variations to the shakes - the flavours you get out of the pack are vanilla and chocolate, but by mixing it up with fruit, berries, veg, milk alternatives and different extracts you can mix up all kinds of flavours! I've even seen a pina colada shake, but so far I've not ventured out quite that far! ;) I'm using different extracts and berries right now, keeps it interesting!

Weight wise I've not actually lost a thing. I'm about 1-2kg heavier than my starting weight a month ago, but that hasn't slowed me down! I mean sure it does bum me out a little to see the numbers get bigger than smaller, but I'm keeping track with pictures again to keep it interesting. :)

I pulled a very old progress comparison from 2013, that also demonstrates the change between June and July. That was just clean eating and walking, that's it. Right now I'm doing my shakes and a stand-up-all-day job, with very little exercise.

I'm actually so chuffed with the plan so far that I've decided to become a rep myself! I've created a separate info page for all the essentials, so if you're interested give it a read and get in touch! I'm really looking forward to the next three months of the plan, who knows how amazing I'll look when it's over! ;)

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