A bit of an update, finally!

Friday, June 05, 2015

I open Blogger on a daily basis to read all the other blogs I've got on my follow list. And every day I see more and more hits on my blog, despite not writing anything for the best part of six months (again!). It's quite a humbling feeling, you know.

I've kept quiet for a reason. Since the end of last year I've been juggling all kinds of illnesses, one after another. It started with a very tough flu around Christmas, and most nights I genuinely had no voice left at all. Trying to push through work with it was a nightmare to say the least, but I refused to give up and hide in bed. In hindsight, I probably should've let my body rest. After the flu cleared I caught another virus of some sort. I did this for a good three months, finishing it all off with tonsilitis. So for over three months I was completely out of the game exercise wise.

With all of last year's stress (you can read about it here) and being so ill for ages, I'm back at square one. Not going to lie, it really made me beat myself down. How could I let myself undo all the hard work again? Why couldn't I tell my brain to stop wanting all the fatty, greasy foods when things got tough?

We also went on a two week holiday to Florida! Before we went I was joking around about coming back five stone heavier after all the junk we'd eat over two weeks. To my surprise I didn't actually gain any weight, probably thanks to all the walking we did every day! Disney is like its own world pretty much, the distances we covered each day was incredible. It's a shame I didn't use any kind of fitness tracker while we were there, I bet the readings would've been so interesting!

Speaking of fitness trackers, I've reuinted with Jawbone! I actually sold my old one a while back, but then found a second hand UP24 (Bluetooth connectivity instead of audio jack) for such a good price that I couldn't resist getting one again. And the colour is so yummy too, the official name of the colour is persimmon but to me it's just a really cute orange.

It feels great being back on the right track again. I have the added motivation of my other half working out with me now, so I've got no excuse to skip my workouts now! After we came back from holiday we just simply decided that it's time to get back in shape, so we fired up Jillian's Body Revolution and we're already a week into the program! I forgot how incredibly good you feel after one of her routines. I'm also religiously tracking my calories again! Time to get rid of this fat for good. No excuses.

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