Pink hair and lots of food

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year everyone! Hope the hangovers have passed by now. ;)

I spent my night at home watching Game of Thrones and just relaxing. I was so tired after work that I barely made it until midnight haha! I was all cozy in bed before midnight and my other half actually told me to wait another five minutes before drifting off so he could say happy New Year to me.

My grand plan for today was to recolour my hair. I mean it wasn't looking bad at all, I just fancied a top-up to keep the colour looking fresh. As I wash my hair the colour keeps getting more pastel, which is very cute actually. I've been getting lots of compliments on my hair ever since I got Special Effects as well. :)

The only bad thing about SE is that it takes a lot of prep. The colour stains INSTANTLY so I needed to make sure I was all covered up (including rubbing Vaseline all over my ears and hairline), I had my gloves on, all the towels were far away from me and that I had some makeup remover (really works with SE stains) close by in case I spilled some colour anywhere. As we are renting this flat I don't want to cause any permanent damage..


The actual colouring process doesn't really take that long, it just takes a bit of time to clean up afterwards. No matter how careful you are, the colour will still be all over your face and neck. The gloves you use will also be caked in colour, so they need to be washed properly and put somewhere safe. My gloves just kinda look like I've murdered someone haha!

Once I wrapped my hair in cling film (keeps the heat in and avoids any accidental mess) I actually sat there watching GoT for a good three hours before I washed it off. That's the wonderful thing about this stuff, it can just sit in your hair for as long as you want. Oh and the shade of my hair changes completely depending on the light - out of natural light the shade is more wine red than pink, but in direct daylight it's pretty much bright pink. In love with this stuff, honestly. ♥

As a little promise to myself (not really a resolution, though) I'm going to go back to the "old ways" of my blog - more food photos! I'm going to try and document every single meal this year, hopefully I won't fail too badly at it. ;)

Oh and I've just ordered a really cool looking fitness accessory, more on that when it arrives!

Breakfast: oatmeal and coffee
Lunch: salmon, roasted sweet potato & carrots and lettuce
Dinner: meatballs made with some leftover roast veg, homemade tomato sauce and whole wheat spaghetti

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  1. Your hair is a gorgeous colour! I dyed half of my hair pink a few years back, but it faded out so quickly :(
    How long does special effects tend to last?

    Emilie x

    1. Thanks Emilie! :) SE has lasted for roughly a month so far and the color is still very strong. It doesn't really stick to untreated hair though, I had about an inch of my natural hair when I coloured with SE and the colour hasn't stuck at all, but the rest of my hair is still a very pretty vibrant pink as I had coloured hair before. :) A lot of people recommend bleaching your roots before redoing the colour so that's my next mission haha!

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