[CLOSED] Noom Pro giveaway!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS CLOSED. Please do not attempt to enter.

OK guys, the first ever giveaway I've done on this blog! My goodie bag from the breakfast event had a tiny card in it. On this card I have a promo code for a FREE 3-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION to Noom Pro! As I already enjoy the fantastic features of Pro (review of Pro + normal features in case you've missed it!) I wanted to share this amazing opportunity with you guys!

To enter all you need to do is write me a comment on this post about Noom. Have you used it before or is the app completely new to you? Please include a valid email address in the comment, as I will email the promo code to the winners!

This giveaway closes on the 16th of September at 23:59, and the winners will be picked with an online randomizer. Please note that this giveaway is for Android users only - sorry Apple fans!

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  1. I really dont like to read blogs. But when I found your post, I started to like it. I found it interesting and informative. Thank you for the effort in posting this kind of information.


  2. I want to use it nth more

  3. Noon has helped me to really look at what I am eating and make better decisions. My mom was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure due to high blood pressure along with type 2 diabetes. She is only 55 years old so we know with diet and excersise is key to kicking this things but. I love how noon keeps track of everything you need to

  4. Noom is completely new to me! I am excited to find out if an app can really motivate me, coach me and help track my fitness and meals so I may lose 70+ lbs. cherhanlon@gmail.com

  5. Just started using, would appreciate a coupon.