DIY gym top

Friday, September 05, 2014

I've seen so many guides for this shirt lately and I've been dying to make one of my own! I've just been waiting for the perfect shirt to come along and I finally found it - my brand new Noom shirt! Absolutely no excuse to skip gym now! ;)

This shirt really doesn't need to look perfect, and isn't that kinda what DIY is all about? All you need for this is a T-shirt of your choosing (maybe less wrinkled than mine, don't ask haha!) and a pair of scissors. No needles, thread or a sewing machine needed. :)

You start off by cutting off the sleeves, bottom of the shirt and the collar if desired. I actually left it intact to begin with as the neckline was quite deep already, but I did get rid of it in the end as the strap kinda pulls it in a little bit. Turn the shirt around and cut a V shaped piece out from the back of the shirt. Don't worry if it doesn't look smooth or even, as the strap will cover it anyways.

Take the piece you cut off from the bottom of the shirt and turn it into a single piece of fabric. Then loop it through the straps at the top, tie a knot and start wrapping one end of the strip around the back piece of your shirt. Leave roughly an inch of fabric loose at the bottom and repeat the same process with the other end. Then all you need to do is tie another knot and your shirt is done!

The shirt was actually just slightly too big for me before all this, but now that I've pulled it in a little bit with this trick it fits perfectly. :)

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