Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I seem to go from one bad thing to another again. 1½ weeks ago I started feeling this sudden pain in my left ankle when I was walking home from work. I didn't really think much of it, I just figured that I stepped funny and pulled a muscle slightly. But of course it wasn't just a pulled muscle. When is it honestly that simple?

The pain didn't get any better, and with my job it just wasn't going to either. I stand up for 10-12 hours a day and I also walk tons, so all I can think of is that my ankles have just been irritated because of that. I went to my GP to get it checked out, but to my disappointment all the doctor did was slightly poke the sides of my foot and give me a week off work and prescribed some Naproxen.

Now, I've been on Naproxen before. I used to take it like sweets for my back roughly a year ago, and my body must've grown resistant to it. My ankles started feeling slightly better during the week I had off, as all I did was sit down and watch TV and do bits and pieces on the computer. But the second I went back to work the pain just came straight back again. I tried getting through the days with painkillers and lots of sitting down, but the Naproxen just didn't help at all. Instead of helping with the pain they just made me feel really drowsy and miserable, so I headed back to my GP yesterday.

It always feels so reassuring, when the doctor actually takes their time to have a look at your injury when you're in pain. He carefully examined my entire leg to find the cause for my pains, and diagnosed it as tendonitis. He said it could also be the entire muscle in my leg, and unless the pain goes away on its own he recommended some physio at the local musculoskeletar unit. I do really hope it doesn't actually get to that. I also mentioned that the painkillers didn't help at all so now I have a huge box of co-codamol (you know, codeine) sitting on the desk. Fingers crossed these babies work better.

So what have I actually been up to lately? Honestly not a lot. The week I had off I just watched loads of nutrition related documentaries (mind blown by the way, I'll write about all that later) and just tried not to go insane. I would've loved to go for a walk several times when I was off, but I knew it'd be incredibly stupid to do so. The weather has been incredible over here lately, so just being stuck indoors has been horrible.

Oh and I cut my hair. Exciting right? :D

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