First week of FitFarm done!

Monday, July 07, 2014

So, let's get the exciting bit out of the way first - my first week of the FitFarm program ended with an insane result of -3,4kg! I actually bought two pairs of jeans a while ago (think they arrived a week before I started the program) and I could barely button them up. Tried them on yesterday morning and they fit almost perfectly! I've had to modify the program a little bit, I just simply don't have the time to do a workout four times a week so I've done half of that. So the biggest factor in all this is my diet! I've been taking my own lunches with me to work for a week instead of buying some ready meals from the shop, and oh my what a difference it makes. :) Only a few kilos away from where I left off now, feeling quite proud!

And tonight I've got the first big challenge I'm having to face during this six week program - team meal! We are going to this American diner, and as you can probably guess the menu is full of burgers and hot dogs. I did manage to have a look at the menu beforehand the other day, and thankfully they have a few salads that sound amazing. Hoping that they'll have steak on the menu as well, could do with a proper filling meal instead of a few leaves! A nice medium rare steak with a fresh side salad, oh yum.

Just a few of the snack bars I've bought this week to stop cravings, might need one of these tonight before I head out! ;)

The meal is paid for by my boss, so I know that people are going to go absolutely nuts with food and drinks. I know I will have a drink or two, but I just need to have enough discipline to go for the diet soda and spirit option instead of high sugar ciders. If I can get through this meal without a huge slip, I'm sure I can get through everything haha! Thankfully I've also told one of my friends from work about my worries and I'm sure he will tell me off if I order something bad! :D

The past week has been quite taxing in general, work has been quite hectic and I even managed to hurt my back when we were closing up on Friday. Our desk is really not designed well, we use heavy shutter type doors to cover up all our screens and they are simply far too heavy for us girls to pull up. Even with two of us trying we couldn't lift them and in the process I pulled quite a few muscles around my spine, resulting in a very sore back and a grumpy me (just because being tired after a long day at work wasn't enough!). The pain was actually far worse on Saturday, and had to give in and ask for a massage from my partner. On top of that he was so wonderful and ran me a hot bath and made the bathroom an absolute sanctuary by lighting candles. All I had to do was climb in, roll up a tea towel to use as a pillow and get my tablet to read Game of Thrones. Perfect.

Hope you're all having a great Monday!

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