How very Noomtastic!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I got a little pressie from Noom today! Thank you Sarah for the super awesome shirt, I love it! It'll be the perfect workout top in this heat, it's nice and light and the colour is so awesome (by the way, matches the new Noom look!). I also got a balloon, it has been a good source of entertainment for both me and my other half all afternoon.. :D

Also feeling very Dutch wearing all this orange haha!

I've had a very relaxed two days off from work. As I do work insanely hard, I just don't rush at all when I do get some time to myself. I'm still trying to recover from this stupid flu as well, so I didn't even bother going out for a walk. I've actually been doing quite a bit of drawing and painting again, one of the pieces being this World of Warcraft fanart piece I started last September and never finished!

We've also had this huge canvas just sitting in the lounge ever since we moved into this flat. I wanted to paint something and hang it on the wall above our dining table, but I just never quite had the inspiration for anything worth painting. I finally found some inspiration and I currently have half a painting drying on the dining table! Hopefully the other half will materialise soon enough so I can show you guys what I've been up to!

Painting is quite a therapeutic thing. It always lets me process some thoughts, just think about general stuff going on in my life and try and find answers to things that have puzzled me for ages. Today I was just thinking about motivation and how I keep it up weight loss wise. I actually surround myself with things that motivate me - pictures of healthy food and fit people, use apps that show me my progress, take pictures of myself and compare them to some older ones and most of all just talk to people about my goals and dreams! It's so great to chat to someone who knows what you're going through and can give some advice, it just gives that extra boost of motivation to keep going (especially when things are tough)!

I'm quite involved with social media, and I try to include all these fitness related things to my feeds. I follow several fitness pages on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter, I'm building a health & fitness board on Pinterest, I read fitness and weight loss related blogs and so on!

Do you have any motivational boosters?

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