Feeling capable of absolutely anything!

Monday, July 14, 2014

I'm feeling fantastic right now. I just can't contain the excitement! So many good things have happened to me recently - weight loss is back on track thanks to FitFarm's program, starting my guest writer "job" with Noom, I was asked to give out an interview for an article (will post the link here as soon as it's published) and now another insane opportunity has popped up thanks to my blog! I'm going to try and keep it to myself for now as I don't know what's going to happen with it, but it's all good!!

All this has been timed so perfectly. I've been under so much stress for a few weeks now, but all these good news and a lot of help from a friend really have lifted my mood so much. Silly little songs when I was sulking to make me laugh and having someone to rant to about it all made it so much easier to deal with. And knowing that something is going to happen about the thing causing the stress is definitely helping as well. Just need to wait for a little longer and things should resolve. All I need to do is bite my tongue and be patient.

My not so great mood at work the other day (from my Instagram).

But less about that, let's not drag everyone's mood down any more than this! I really struggled to stay still after the email I got earlier tonight (and I got such an energy spike from that green tea I had earlier) so I figured that I'm gonna go let some of that energy out and go for a walk on the beach. The tide was super low so actually got to walk on the sand, even jogged a bit because I was feeling so good about everything.

By the time I climbed back on the promenade my shoes and socks were soaking wet and legs caked in wet sand! But nevermind, I had so much fun!

All this just shows that nothing bad lasts forever (I believe my friend actually said exactly the same thing to me yesterday but I kinda just ignored it hah), it will all turn around eventually! :) We just need to keep going and give the world an opportunity to catch up with us.

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