A day to myself

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

I'm so grateful about having two days off in a row instead of two completely random ones scattered around. It's really given me time to recharge my batteries, and today I only got out of bed around half past ten!

I think being so tired really affected my mood last night at the team meal. I just couldn't follow any conversation going and instead I just sat there, lost in my thoughts most of the evening. I even made my friend so worried and he wouldn't believe me when I said I'm fine. Bless him. :) <3

When I got out of bed it was so clear to me that I just didn't want to rush today. I didn't even do a workout, I just wanted to recharge and enjoy myself. I was going to go for a walk in the morning but it was raining so much that I decided to pass on it. I'm not bothered about a bit of rain, but this was a bit too much! It actually started thundering at one point and that just cheered me up so much - I love thunder!

As the weather wasn't that pleasant, I decided to settle down with the new Healthy magazine and a protein bar I bought from Holland&Barrett yesterday. I didn't actually get a lot of reading done, as I downloaded Hayday on my tablet the other day and my cows needed looking after.. :D Such an addictive little game.

I'm still trying out different protein bars, and so far I'm not too impressed with these Pro Bars. They're so tough and chewy that just trying to bite a chunk off is a workout on its own! My jaw isn't brilliant anyways (keeps popping and locking), so having to work that hard just to eat something isn't making me that impressed. But oh well, live and learn! At least I know not to buy these ones anymore.

I've also really had the time to sit down and enjoy my food today! No late night dinner and then a mad rush to get ready to go to bed or a boxed lunch in the office at work. Just me and a plate full of food and the company of my other half. And again unfortunately can't really share much about these recipes as I am under the program contract (although it's not really rocket science to figure them out), but for the meatballs I can tell that I used this recipe (minus the sweet potato)!

For some reason I've really been put off by tomatoes recently, but I made the brave decision of buying a few packs of them last time we went shopping. And they are so delicious again! So happy I bought them, I'm really enjoying the fresh taste of them right now.

Can you really tell I've enjoyed today? And just because that's not enough, I also submitted my first Noom article last night (it'll be published next week so stay tuned!) and I also got a request for an interview! This large international company approached me, their Finnish branch is writing an article about Finnish bloggers writing from abroad, and wanted to include me in it! I will link the finished article over here once it's published, really excited about seeing the finished piece! Eek!

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