The sun seems to be a motivation generator

Friday, June 06, 2014

It's probably really obvious to most of you that I've kinda fallen off the wagon since before Easter. Deadlines and work left me with not a lot of spare time to exercise, and junk food became my friend again. It's incredible how easy it is to pick the bad but quick option instead of thinking about the choices you make when buying lunch.

I actually got on the scales this morning, only to see a 4kg gain since I slipped. Quite depressing in a way, but so expectable. I've not treated my body the way it deserves lately, and this is definitely its way of saying that this is enough. And for the past week I've really done all I can to get back to the healthy train, and having a bit of discipline is finally starting to show results.

I suppose it was just so easy to think, that because I walk to work and stand up pretty much all day, I don't need to exercise. But at the same time I've upped my food intake slightly to be able to cope with the long work hours I do. It's just not a match made in heaven, is it?

In a way it feels odd, I've gained weight but at the same time someone I know keeps saying that I just keep getting thinner and thinner everytime he sees me. I know it's not true and it does stab me in the heart a bit, because I've not followed the healthy lifestyle I've been working so hard towards since last year. 

But you know what? Dwelling in it is not going to fix things, I need to be the one to decide to be good again. Since starting to use my UP band again two weeks ago, I've hit my step target nearly every day and also actually gone for walks again. The weather being amazing definitely helps, as I just can't sit indoors when the sun is shining and it's so warm that you don't need a hoodie anymore.

I also made a promise to myself to stop buying Coke when I'm at work. I've actually ordered a new stainless steel water bottle and I'm going to start using that at work, instead of constantly buying bottles of water or juice. I'm cautious of both BPA in the bottles and the amount of sugar in bottled juices, so going for a stainless steel bottle will definitely make me feel better about myself.

This doesn't mean a complete ban to everything that isn't a vegetable or source of protein, of course. I've never been one to follow strict diets and I don't believe in denying guilty pleasures completely, as it's about a lifestyle, not just a quick fix.

There's so many things I need to catch up with (a few reviews and such), and hopefully I will start having more time for my precious blog. It has after all given me so many good things over the 1,5 years I've been doing this. One of the latest being an invite to become a part of the Noom community as a guest writer! I'm really excited about this opportunity, as I do love the app and being a writer for such a bit community will be so rewarding for me! :)

I think I will actually do a proper progress check on Sunday as well, being the first Sunday of the month and my usual progress check day. I'm really not looking forward to it, but it's exactly what I need for that final kick to the butt to start working towards a healthier me again.

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