Noom Pro - worth the money?

Friday, June 20, 2014

My review of Noom is probably the most popular article on my blog right now, and lately I've had the chance to have a look at the features Noom Pro offers - and so far I haven't been disappointed!

The biggest feature Pro offers is the chance to join a Noom group. The idea of these groups is to get the chance to share your progress with a small group of likeminded people - before you join a group you get to influence what kind of people you want to group up with, based on their age, location, sex and so on.

Over the few weeks I've been a part of my group I've really grown fond of the people I get to chat with! Most of the time I just hover in the background, but when I feel like I can really share my knowledge with everyone I just love being a part of it all. You can share anything you want - pictures of meals, workouts, thoughts about weight loss and most importantly, you get to ask weight loss related questions and get answers very quickly! My phone alerts me every time someone posts in the group, so the response time is really quick if everyone in the group is by their phones (and I most likely will be as my phone is always somewhere close, hah!).

Pro also gives you the opportunity to use the app's own database of recipes, which can be extremely useful for people just starting with their lifestyle change. It counts the calories for you and gives incredibly detailed instructions for every dish, there's just no way you can get the dish wrong with all this guidance! It will make cooking so accessible for even novice cooks. And even I find myself browsing the recipe database for inspiration when I don't know what to cook for dinner! I'm actually really dying to get a microwave to our office at work so I could make all those delicious soups and take them to work with me to have for lunch. Yum!

So to answer the question a lot of people are asking - is Noom Pro worth the sub? Yes, yes it is. Just put the price into perspective for a second - the sub for a month costs roughly the same as a takeaway dinner would. Cut down on one takeaway and you'll be able to afford Noom Pro.

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  1. buy a microwave is easy and I think moin expensive I think is not it?