Sunshine and blue skies

Friday, May 09, 2014

A new look for the blog again! What do you guys think? :) I really liked the old one, but it was really broken code wise and I couldn't get things to work. This one should also be a bit more user friendly if you're browsing on a tablet / small screen.

I'm really starting to be bad at finding the motivation to go to uni! I mean, I do work at home but showing my face at uni every now and then wouldn't hurt. We've only really got a few weeks left of this year, so I really feel like I can achieve the same things at home I would by going into the studio.

To pump up my energy towards uni work, I wanted to take advantage of the incredible weather and go for a quick walk earlier. I was trying to decide whether or not I should take a hoodie with me, and I'm really glad I did in the end. Despite it being really sunny, the wind at the seafront was awful! Even the seagulls were side stepping to avoid falling over!

My weekend is going to be incredibly busy with work. The resort is having an adult only weekend, meaning late night venues, lots of hen/stag parties and so on. And in turn it means that us photographers need to be present with cameras, capturing all those memories for people. :) Should be a fun weekend! Also going out with the team tomorrow night after work.

Oh and our trip to Holland is fast approaching! Heading over to the land of Dutchies next Friday. :) I'm so excited about this trip, I haven't seen this bunch of people for such a long time (since last October in fact!), it'll be great to get together again and have a fantastic weekend together. These friends really make me feel like I belong to a group of some kind, so I'm determined to make the most of our weekend away.

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