I've turned into a breakfast person (about time!)

Thursday, May 08, 2014

I've really never been a breakfast person. The only thing I'd have in the mornings is a cup of coffee and then I'd be quite happy to go on until lunch. Everyone keeps telling me how I should eat breakfast and gasp in horror when I say I don't, but it's surprisingly hard to break out of it.

And that's why I really liked going on the Body By Vi challenge a few months ago. I wouldn't have to eat something, I could just drink a small amount of milkshake and that's it. But you know what? The taste of that shake is really starting to bug me. I haven't actually had one of those shakes for weeks now, I've just got my milk sitting in the fridge, probably going off as we speak. I really have respect towards all the people who stick to the shakes for longer than three months, I just can't keep drinking the same stuff for such a long time without getting fed up (even tried adding other ingredients in to make it taste different but could still really taste the shake's own flavour)!

My mum's homemade ryebread with lettuce, roast chicken and pesto. Divine.

But hope's not lost! I've actually morphed into a breakfast person since then! I even feel a little bit guilty for not having anything in the morning. And now that my mum even sent me a small loaf of rye bread when my brother shipped me our old PlayStation (nerd alert), I've got no excuse not to have breakfast! I've actually made some very bizarre combinations of toppings, but hey - as long as I enjoy it and it makes me eat in the morning, who cares right?

Tiger loaf (a bit naughty) with beef pastrami and cucumber.

And even if I don't have time to actually make something decent, I at least have a pot of yoghurt with some fresh fruit in it. Alpro makes these amazing chocolate and vanilla pots, and I've been pimping them up with some raspberries this week. Also had a go at their natural soya yoghurt, but that didn't really taste that great so that's probably not going to be on my shopping list from now on.

The good thing about my work is that they've got a small supermarket on resort and they actually make breakfast baps every day. If I don't feel like eating at home, I just have my coffee and walk to work. This usually wakes my metabolism up and I actually feel hungry by the time I get there. While the usual sausage bap I go for might not be the healthiest option out there, it gives me enough energy to last until lunch. I really don't get to sit down at work, so being on my feet burns loads of calories - and that makes me feel slightly less guilty about my occasional breakfast choice. ;)

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