Friday, April 04, 2014

My friend pointed it out today, that my blog has been extremely quiet for such a long time now. It's become so obvious that I need to cut down on something, and unfortunately that has meant that my blog has been the one to be pushed aside.

The rest of my spring is going to be absolutely manic (and I feel like saying that is an absolute understatement). It was the last day of term today, which means that I've got a two week Easter holiday coming up. I'm finally going to start my new job properly next week, and this means that I'm going to be doing ~10 hour days at work next week! So very excited about it, I'm happy to be working that much!

On top of work I have 5-6 uni assignments to complete over the holiday. This is going to mean a lot of late nights and trying to juggle things around in order to get everything done on time. Oh and I've got a trip to London ahead of me next week when I have a day off, desperately need to get my passport renewed before we fly to Holland in May.. Busy busy busy!

So this does mean that the blog is going on a hiatus for a while. Maybe I'll be able to get back to it during the summer, when I no longer have uni to worry about. We'll see what happens. This does not mean that I'm giving up on healthy living, though! It is obvious to me now, that there is no way I'm going to hit that dream target date with the way I've been eating (and not exercising) for the past three or four weeks, but that's OK. I'm still making progress, and that's all that matters.

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