First run in ages!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I actually had to browse back to early March to find a post about exercise. Has it really been that long? It sure felt like it tonight! I was actually dying to do something active, and my train of thought went as follows:
"Oh I think I'll do a Jillian workout tonight, haven't done one in a while!"
"... oh crap, I don't have any dumbbells." (this has now been solved, ordered a brand new set from Amazon :D)

So yeah, running it was! My running shoes greeted me with the oh so comfy feel when I slipped my feet into them and headed out. I've always thought that running is the best stress relief, and tonight really wasn't an exception. Even though it feels like murder at the time, the post run euphoria is so great. I've been feeling so incredibly down for a few days now, and this just made me feel a whole lot better.

I've actually noticed that my body has been leaning towards a better lifestyle again! It's amazing how our bodies just start saying no to the bad things after a while - I've actually felt a little sick thinking about all the junk we have in the house. So glad about that to be fair, it's about time I get back on track! I even got this massive chocolate champagne bottle for Easter, I could barely eat half of it when it started getting far too sickly to eat. Instead I've loaded our fridge with delicious soya desserts I can eat without feeling like I'm torturing my body!

Bognor Regis seafront at night. Apologies for the atrocious quality, but didn't think that taking my Nikon out for a run was a great idea. ;)

Oh and I've found an eyeliner that seems to be even more exercise proof than my old one! This baby holds on through 11 hour shifts at work and quite a bit of sweat as well! This absolute gem of an eyeliner is Blink by Barry M. and it's definitely come to stay in my very minimal makeup bag (honestly, I have about 6 items in that bag + brushes and eyeshadow palette)! It's also far easier to apply than my previous Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner, which makes my mornings a lot easier.

Oh and just to mention, I've teamed up with Chemist Direct and over a month or so will be reviewing some of their products! This is such an exciting opportunity for me, as they stock a lot of brands I've been really curious of but never got around to trying them out - one of them being an oil for stretch marks. Hopefully I'll be able to start the reviews in a week or so! Stay tuned. ;)

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