Strawberry & choc chip Vi-shake

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

I had such a bizarre craving for a milkshake tonight, and after dinner I finally gave in and made one! I just had no idea what to make it from, but thankfully we still had some strawberries in the fridge. Then again, I already tried a plain strawberry shake the other day, so wanted to add something else into it. I had a small chunk of plain chocolate left in the cupboard, but then again I really liked the thought of adding a dollop of lemon curd in there.. The choice was tough, but went for chocolate in the end!

Strawberry & choc chip Vi-shake

250ml milk of choice
45g plain chocolate
3 big strawberries
2 scoops of Vi Shape nutritional shake

Throw all the chocolate in a food processor and grind away! Leave the chocolate a bit chunky to get the choc chip texture. You will also get fine bits of chocolate in there, so it mixes in with the milk and creates a very delicious chocolatey flavour. Throw in the rest of the ingredients and mix well.

I've got to say, it really tasted a lot better than I even thought! On hindsight though, this one really needs a straw. Trying to fish out the chocolate bits from the bottom of the glass with a spoon isn't quite as glamorous.

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