So very homesick!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

I've struggled with gym motivation this week. My messed up schedule last week has really affected my mood all week, and I nearly had to force myself to the gym today. Instead of getting up early and getting ready to go to before nine, I just kept hitting the snooze on my phone over and over and over again. I did the same yesterday, and then didn't have time to go before work.

It's funny how your entire mood changes, when you do actually get to the gym. I was so full of energy and in such a positive headspace once I started my workout. I was really curious about adding some weight to my lat pulldown sets as well, and it was so obvious how unbalanced my muscles are. I usually do three sets of 21kg, and now I increased the last set to 28kg. I get the bar all the way down to my chest when I do it with 21kg, but with the 28kg set my left arm just started saying no. I got the bar down to my chin, and that was all my left arm could do. The right side would've happily gone lower, but no point trying to force it and injure myself. I've always known that my left arm is the weaker one, but I didn't think the difference would be that big.

Feeling like Popeye, yarr!

I've started stocking up on Eat Natural bars, so I have something nice to have as a snack. My other half likes to eat crisps and cakes, and as he does a really physical job, he can get away with it. But if I have all that stuff as snacks on a daily basis, I'd start gaining weight again. The dark chocolate & cranberry one is by far my favourite, blueberry & cashew being a very close second. They're just sweet enough to keep me happy, without being too filling. Accompanied by a big cup of coffee, couldn't ask for a better afternoon treat. ;)

I took part in a raffle run by Steffit a while back, and for once luck was on my side! I won three packs of Elovena snack bars, and thankfully they agreed to send them over to England! I mainly know Elovena from their oatmeal, it was always the brand my mum would buy. Just seeing the pack it all came in made me so nostalgic and very homesick, it's so nice to get these small pieces of home every now and then. And my mum also sent me a parcel a few days ago, with woolen socks and tea towels she had made herself. It all just makes me feel so proud of my heritage.

Sometimes you hear Finnish girls being referred as the 'Elovena girl'. Blonde hair, big smile and red cheeks. The typical Finnish look. I actually used to look exactly like that as a kid, before I started colouring my hair. I do miss my incredibly blonde hair sometimes, but I just know it's not my thing. :)

Dark chocolate, oat & lingonberry and oat-cinnamon.

Anyways! I've got thirty snack bars sitting on my dining table now. It'll definitely take me a good while to get through these, hah! Maybe I'll slip a few of these in my handbag tonight before heading out, I've actually been invited to an Ann Summers party tonight! That'll be a fun experience, never been to one before! Also going to try out a new recipe for dinner, more about that tomorrow.

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