Second biotin checkup

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Time really flies! Only one more month left of my biotin experiment.

The change in my hair is really obvious now. It's a lot easier to detangle, my ends look so much better and my hair has grown quite a bit! It is however a bit harder to see the roots coming through now, as the brown colour is starting to be quite washed out and getting closer to my own colour. I can also feel loads of new hair pushing through, and that is really great. I've always had a lot of hair, but the quality of it is typically Scandinavian (really fair). I keep spotting individual hairs, that are three times as thick as the rest, so hopefully that is what my hair will be like in the future!

Since my previous check I've chipped eight nails. That's four less than during my first month, and all these chips have mainly been because of me trying to open boxes and so on at work. I can definitely feel my nails getting stronger, and I've completely stopped having those white marks on them. I'm still being quite cautious with them, though. I'm just so used to them being really brittle and horrible, I think it'll take me a good while to get used to the new nails!

In a way I'm really waiting to finish this experiment. I keep drooling over pictures of my dream hair, and I really can't wait to carry on with it! I suppose I'll just wait until closer to May to go to the hairdresser's again. :) I think it'll finish off my weight loss journey perfectly - new body, new hair!

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