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Saturday, March 01, 2014

I've been looking to get a new leather jacket for a while now. The one I've been using is just simply starting to be far too big, I can actually grab both sides with my hands without touching any skin! Well fitting clothes are so important to me now that I've actually got a nice figure, it really got to the point where I didn't even want to pull the zip up on my jacket because it would just hide everything I've been working so hard for!

Leather really seems to be THE thing at the moment with jackets. New Look had quite a few nice options, but I ended up going for this gorgeous brown suedette jacket. It's just absolutely perfect, I couldn't be happier! The fabric feels so silky smooth and the material is so thin, that I can wear it in the summer as well without feeling like I'm going to die of a heat stroke.

The top I'm wearing underneath is new as well! I was looking for something with long sleeves, and this really cute navy themed top caught my eye. I'm not a massively girly person, so I tend to keep all this cute stuff to the minimum. It's nice in small details, but I'd never wear something so... cute if the shirt was covered in the flower detail. Now all I'd really need is a pair of skinny jeans and I'd have quite a nice look going.

And I did actually try some skinnies on today as well. Baaaad mistake!! :D I really just need to give up on skinny jeans, my legs just aren't designed for them. My calves are just far too big for something like that, I really struggled to get the jeans off! I had to pull them down inch by inch by my calves, not exactly something I'd look forward to doing on a daily basis.. They fit really well everywhere else, but I think I'm just going to stick to the bootcuts. Hah.

I had a bit of spare time during lunch today, so I figured that I'll give my Body By Vi shake a bit of a twist today. We bought some strawberries last night, and they're really not in season so eating them straight from the pack isn't really the best idea. I mean, they're nice, but nowhere near as juicy as they are in the summer.

All you need for this is two scoops of the Vi Shape nutritional shake mix, 250ml of milk of choice and strawberries. I used five big ones, and they really gave the shake such a delicious flavour! Just mix it all up in a food processor or blender and you're all done! It's a brilliant way of getting your fruit and calcium every day, and I have a feeling that I'm going to start making all sorts of different shakes for breakfast from now on.

I left my shake quite chunky, but if you prefer a fully smooth shake, just keep blitzing the mix until there's no lumps. Strawberries do have small seeds, so if that's something you don't like, just drain it all throuh a sieve before serving.

Now for a bit of downtime before heading to work for the afternoon. Have a great weekend all! ♥

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