I'm free!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Uni project finished and handed in! I've been under so much stress the past week, so it really felt like someone just pushed those 12,000 words and several experiments off my shoulders when I pressed "Submit" on Turnitin last night.

A very relieved student.

The stress really hit me in the way I didn't want it to - stress eating. The amount of chocolate and junk I've been having has actually making me feel really ill. My body has been screaming at me and telling me to stop, but my brain had dibs on decision making..

This means that there's only one project to go before summer. We are making a music video for a local band, which should be quite an interesting experience. Still involves a lot of filming, which really isn't my thing. I've never been into film, even back in college it was the thing I absolutely hated. Oh well, hopefully we won't be doing this project individually.

Oh and our sofas finally arrived yesterday! They've been a constant source of stress and worry for a while, as they were meant to arrive a week ago but never did. We are having a housewarming party this Saturday and I was getting to the stage where I wanted to pull my hair out over the sofas not being here! Wouldn't be much of a housewarming, if we all had to sit on the floor!

The armchair is actually 90cm wide, as the model could come with a bed. It feels very odd sitting in such a wide chair, when you only cover roughly half of it! I suppose it could work as a two seater sofa, hah.

I am really looking forward to Saturday, as on top of our housewarming I've got a very cool meeting in the morning. I'll tell you guys about it all later, I'm keeping it a secret for now. :) Oh, and it's my friend's birthday on Saturday as well! It'll be such an epic night.

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