Finding my thoughts again

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's surprisingly hard to grab hold of a hobby once you've had to stop for a while. For me it's both the blog and gym that have been missing for a while now. And I really think that the guilty feeling over losing the connection with both hobbies is making it even more difficult to get back into them.

Since I started having issues with sleeping, I've stopped going to the gym. I've also tried several different things in order to try and figure out, why I've been sleeping so poorly. And right now it feels like it was just a combination of stress over uni and then putting a bit too much pressure on my body on top of that. I'm hopefully getting started with gym again this week, I do really miss it!

And in a way I feel like I've let both myself and all of my readers down lately because of all the stress. Describing my diet as poor is an absolute understatement - takeaways, sweets, chocolate, alcohol.. I've also only been having one Vi shake a day for the past week now, I've just been craving all sorts of different foods all week and it's really destroying my good progress.

But on a happier note, I've got a job as a photographer now! :) I had my interview last Saturday and they got back to me about it yesterday. I'm very excited to actually do something I really enjoy doing. It's going to be such a welcome change to my life, photography has always been so close to my heart and actually getting to do it for a living is incredible.

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