What a fishy day!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day! Here's a little peek to our evening. :) The food was really delicious, and my guess about the Prosecco was right - I only had a glass of it and that was with some black currant liqueour mixed into it, just not quite to my taste!

As we didn't do anything for Valentine's Day, my other half decided to treat me to a day in Portsmouth today. The weather was really on our side today - it was so needed after all the storms we've been having lately! I've been dying to use this dress again, I can't even remember the last time I've worn it! Starting to feel confident enough to wear dresses and skirts when I go out, making me a very happy girl. :) 

I've actually never been to the Portsmouth pier before! I've been to the city several times, but somehow I've always missed the pier! The views were absolutely stunning, with the sea defence towers coming out from the sea and Isle of Wight just in front of us. So many people were jogging or cycling along the seafront, made me feel like I'm missing out! 

We went to the Blue Reef aquarium, and I absolutely loved it! I really like fish, especially all the tropical and colourful ones! I'd really love to go diving somewhere to actually see all the different fish in their own enviroment, instead of looking at them through a thick piece of glass.

On top of just looking at pretty colours all day, I always learn something really cool about our planet, when I go to an aquarium or a zoo. I love educating myself about our nature, and even though I don't have the brain capacity to understand the maths of physics or chemistry, I still really enjoy getting into it all (as long as it's explained in common terms, hah!).

Anyways! I really should've taken my camera with me today, I would've had a lot more good quality pictures than this. I am quite proud of my phone though, the quality isn't as bad as I thought! 

Rays are so freaky.

The most miserable fish I have ever seen!
Ever since getting home, we've been busy moving all our stuff to our new flat. I'm so happy to finally be here, we can start settling in and building our own little nest. :)

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