New name and challenge ramble

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Some of you guys might have noticed it already, but the blog has changed it's name! I've wanted to rename my blog for such a long time now, and originally I was going to wait until I'm done with losing weight. I just got rather impatient and went ahead with it already, so welcome to RiaFit! :) You can access the blog through now, but the original Blogger address will work just fine as well.

I know it's the first day of my challenge, but I'm feeling great! My energy levels have been stable throughout the day and I'm really enjoying the shakes as well. The basic shake mix tastes exactly like Fox's Golden Crunch biscuits, which is absolutely amazing to say the least! The shake is quite sweet, and for someone who really doesn't have that much sugar, it's going to take some getting used to. I don't really mind it, it'll settle my sweet tooth for sure.

On top of my two shakes, I've had one of the cookies that came with the kit, a vanilla crown, a few cups of coffee, dinner and a 10kcal pot of jelly. I did feel a bit hungry in the morning between the shakes, but having the two snacks settled my tummy enough to last til the next meal.

Gotta say, the peanut butter cookies didn't quite convince me. To me a cookie has to be sweet, so the salty taste of peanuts did ruin it a bit for me. Don't get me wrong, it was still really nice and the crunchy & chewy texture was scrummy, but don't think that I'll be stocking my shelves with peanut butter cookies anytime soon! ;)

On top of the two supplements I'm still taking my biotin every day - that makes it three pills to take in the morning (+ another fish oil after dinner)! The fish oil is absolutely enormous - I'm really not a big fan of taking any pills, so it does kinda make me feel a bit nervous. I'm just scared of the fact that it might get stuck in my throat, hah!

And just to track my progress during the challenge, some pics! My weight this morning was 71,5kg, I'm really hoping to get as close to the 64kg mark as possible during the next three months. Fingers crossed! I'm looking to stick to my three gym days a week and chilled walks when I feel like it. I do quite a bit of walking around and heavy lifting at work, so all of this combined should give me a nice balance.

We've been quite busy cleaning up at the flat today. We had a massive pile of cardboard boxes and general rubbish in the lounge, and I was pretty desperate to get rid of it. The entire flat just looks more homely without it all in the way, you know? And now I won't feel bad about inviting friends over, I won't feel like we are living in the boxes!

Outfit of the day.

I'm actually looking forward to cooking than I have ever before! I don't know why, it's exactly the same thing as it's always been, but I suppose I just feel happy about buying exactly what I want and turning it into something delicious every night. :)

Last night's dinner: sweet potato, chickpeaas, ground beef, tomatoes and salad.

Spicy chicken pizza and lots of salad on the side - yum!

Ready for the challenge? You can join me by heading over to the Body By Vi website!

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