Sick day + first biotin checkup

Monday, February 03, 2014

Well, today didn't quite pan out the way I thought! Woke up feeling like death so decided that it was best to stay home and rest instead of going to uni for the day. My morning started with three episodes of The 4400 (amazing supernatural drama, I highly recommend it!) and now that I feel human enough to crawl out of bed, I feet like talking about yesterday and going through the first "phase" of my biotin experiment!

I really wasn't looking forward to our Ikea trip yesterday. I just dislike shopping in general, I'd order absolutely everything online if I could! Furniture and cookware just are things that I want to see before buying them, so off to Ikea we went!

And just to show off my gorgeous new tights a bit! New Look had a 3 for 2 offer the other day when I went to buy new shoes and tights, so grabbed these as the free pair. I had no idea what they'd be like, but I really love them! Sexy and quite "safe" at the same time. Paired them up with this outfit, my leather jacket and a gray/white scarf. Felt surprisingly confident walking around in that outfit! :)

It was actually really manic in Southampton, we must've waited for a good half an hour to even get to the Ikea carpark! I was hoping for a quiet Sunday but no such luck of course! I had my list all ready to go, so we'd be out of there as soon as possible. We still ended up missing a few bits and pieces, but the plan is to spend a day this week to go get them, so we can start settling in finally. :) We got our sofa and bed from Dfs instead of Ikea, as my bad back really needs a good bed and I've never been a big fan of the Ikea sofa designs. They'll still take 4-6 weeks to arrive, going to buy a new mattress for the bed this week so we might sleep on the floor for a while haha!

We unloaded all the bags at the flat last night, but I was missing scissors and dish washing liquid so couldn't do everything I wanted! Every bit of cookware I got that wasn't fully wrapped has to be washed properly before I even think about using them, I've got no idea of knowing who's touched it and what kind of bugs they've been carrying on them at the time. Just the thought of stirring some bugs in my dinner makes me shiver.

Right, it's been a month now since I started taking biotin. There's a big difference already, but let the pictures speak for themselves!

Nail casualties since start: 12.
I had no roots showing at the start of the experiment, I had literally just coloured my hair the week before. And it's worth mentioning that normally my hair growth is very slow, it's usually about 0,5cm a month.

While my nails have snapped several times, they look far healthier than they did. The skin around my nails is a lot better as well, however I'm not sure if that's actually related to taking biotin or not. I no longer get visible layering on my nails, either.

While the growth at this stage isn't madly visible, I can see a huge difference in the ends of my hair. They're not as frizzy as they were a month ago and I have less split ends to worry about. I've really struggled with my ends, as I'd get a lot of L- shaped angles that made my hair look like such a mess.

And on a slightly unrelated note, a comparison picture! I found this picture of myself the other day, it was taken in March last year. Felt like taking a picture in a similar pose was in order to see how much my face has changed, and holy cow it really has! I've still got some loose skin / fat under my skin, but thank goodness it doesn't fold quite that much anymore!

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