Sick day, ahoy!

Friday, February 21, 2014

I've been feeling really under the weather all day. Some kind of a bug has made it's way into my system, and that's just put a stop to everything today. I've felt really rotten, weak and achy, so my workout had to be pushed to the weekend. Really annoyed about that, I have such a nice workout planned and I wanted to go and do it today! Nevermind, I'll probably do it Sunday morning.


I really got into a nice rhythm at the gym yesterday, and I'm still quite hyped up about it. I planned a very simple lower body workout for myself, but I'm still feeling it when I sit down haha! Like I said I would, I bumped up the weight on the leg press by 10kg (went for 52-52-61). While it felt a lot harder than last time, I reckon I could increase the weight to 70ish next week. Just to think that I'm going to be able to press my own bodyweight soon - so proud of myself!

It's really great to see progress every single week. Even if I don't increase weights, I see the definition in my muscles more and more. While it's not quite flex worthy yet, my quads are really starting to "stick out" from underneath my skin (and I'm loving it!). My other half constantly tells me to stop admiring myself, hah! My muscles are really getting to the stage I'm happy with, all I need now is to lose the fat covering them up! 

Made the mistake of buying normal yoghurt and then had some - my stomach wasn't best pleased yesterday..

As I've been feeling ill today, my day really hasn't been that productive. I've rediscovered my love for League of Legends, and happily spent my day playing and messing around. This actually got me thinking about the stereotypes attached to gaming. We can all probably agree on the stereotypical gamer - overweight, neglects personal hygiene, lives with their mum til late 20s and so on. But over the years I've played online games I've noticed that the majority of the people I know are not like this at all. And even if some people are, does it matter? Sure, it worries me if people literally spend all day sitting down and eating junk, but it's not my place to judge people and tell them what to do. I almost got to that stage myself a few years back when I isolated myself from the world, but I'm just glad my mum always cooked healthy meals and we didn't really have anything that unhealthy around the house. Thanks mum. ♥

I've really started taking advantage of leftovers. We had some nice chicken in a tomato & basil sauce with rice yesterday, and I just ended up heating up the leftover chicken with roast potatoes and red onions for dinner today. I try not to leave the leftovers in the fridge for too long, so it doesn't go bad and end up in the bin. It's easy to save money when you think ahead with cooking. Luckily the supermarket industry over in England is so competetive, that you get food really cheap in any shop you go to. In comparison Finland only really has two different chains and food is really expensive in both of them. Lidl has pushed it's way in but I don't think it's really doing that well over there.

Chicken in a tomato & garlic sauce with roast potatoes and red onions (they're not burn, I promise! :D).

Hope you all have a great weekend! Mine will be filled with work and a family dinner on Sunday, can't wait!

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