Routines - yay or nay?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Routines bring me a certain kind of comfort. I do like to know that I've got the same things happening on a daily / weekly basis, and I even plan exactly what to do at the gym on certain days every week (cardio on Wednesday, upper body on Thursday and lower body on Friday). Having to mix things around just doesn't play well and it feels like that it'll have a knock on effect on the following week and so on!

Following the Body By Vi challenge does definitely give me some routines as well. I start my morning with a shake and a cup of coffee, then I have another shake for lunch. Having something liquid for breakfast is such a brilliant idea for me, as I never eat breakfast normally. Maybe it's something I'll carry on doing even when I'm done with the challenge.

Do you have any routines you can't 'live without'? Does it throw your entire day off track if some of your routines don't happen?

Oh and by the way, I lost a massive 700g during my first week on the challenge!

Morning routine - Body By Vi shake, a cup of coffee and lots of water.

Wednesday is my cardio day at the gym, but I decided against going for a run indoors, when the weather was so nice! Who'd miss out on a bit of sunshine?! It's feeling like spring already, the sun feels really warm on your skin when it's not windy and a lot of bushes and trees are starting to sprout leaves already! I'm so ready for the warm weather again after such a miserable winter!

It's funny actually, when it started getting cold last autumn I was saying exactly the opposite - I was so fed up with the boiling hot summer we had last year. Just never happy, eh. :) 

Clear skies, sunshine and low tide. Perfection.

Now that I'm only eating one big meal a day, I really seem to be putting so much more effort into cooking every night. It's like my dinner is my most precious posession and I need to make sure it gets the most attention it can, hah.

Tonight I made sausages, green pepper & onion gravy and sweet potato mash. As I've probably mentioned before, I'm not a fan of pork. The texture and taste of it just doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. The only exception to this is sausages, but then again sausages are all the leftover bits of the animal, not just a straight cut of meat. And they really do like to flavour sausages over here with all kinds of things! The most bizarre mix I've seen so far is dark chocolate & red chilli.

Anyways. To me it's so important to cook as fresh as possible. With the exception of baked beans, everything I used was fresh produce. It makes me happy to know, that I'm providing my body with all the good stuff without a load of added chemicals and preservatives. Yum.

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