My kit is here!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Oh I'm so excited! My Body By Vi challenge kit arrived today and I can't wait to get started with it! I went for the transformation kit, which is the biggest kit Body By Vi has. I wanted to go for this one, as it offers some supplements and snacks on top of the meal replacement shakes. I think it's absolutely brilliant that the kit comes with supplements, as you can easily become deficient in vitamins and minerals when you're swapping meals for the shakes.

In general I'm really sceptical about all these meal replacement diets, as they're usually so low in calories that it's not a viable option in the long run (and once you start eating normally again, you're very likely to gain the weight back). They're not designed to be something that you can just carry on using once you've hit your goal weight, either.

And that's why the Vi-Shape shakes are so different! You mix them into semi-skimmed milk and you also have one hot meal + snacks every day alongside the shakes, meaning that you can still easily have about 1500 calories a day (one shake has 233 calories and 21g of protein).

There's limitless options with the shakes as well - you can create your own shakes just like with any protein powder out on the market really. That's a really easy way of bumping up your calories during the day as well, so there's no need to worry that you won't hit your budget every day (you should always make sure that you're getting enough energy out of your diet, or you can plateau). I'm really looking forward to creating my own recipes and trying all the different ones in the challenge's recipe library.

The kit also came with some strawberry and chocolate flavoured pouches, so if I get fed up with the sweet cream flavour of the basic shake, I've got something to throw in there for no extra calories.

I think I'm actually mainly looking forward to eating the cookies! There's fourteen servings of chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies to have as snacks during the day, with one cookie having 185kcal/10g of protein (peanut butter) or 170kcal/9g of protein (chocolate chip). They've also been enriched with some calcium, ensuring that you get the required amount per day.

Now, the supplements! The first one is used to maintain normal blood glucose levels. Basically it prevents your blood sugar from spiking one way or the other during the day, and that should reduce any sudden cravings (sugar or carb related). The contents of the sachet can be mixed into the meal replacement shakes, water, juice or any other drink you fancy.

I'm quite looking forward to seeing how this affects me cravings wise. I do sometimes just eat out of pure boredom, so we'll just have to wait and see how this actually changes that (if at all).

The metab-awake supplement is taken to support normal metabolic functions. This is genuinely the first time I have ever heard of such supplements, so can't really reflect on any previous experiences or anything I've read before. But no matter, I'm heading for this challenge with an open mind!

The omega essentials tablet is just like any regular fish oil supplement as far as I'm aware. I think this is a brilliant addition to the kit, as it's easy to miss out on all the fatty fish you should be including in your diet when you're taking the shakes. I've taken some fish oil tablets before, but we'll see how this one compares!

I'm going to post my before pictures tomorrow, as I officially start the challenge then. I like to start it on a fresh day, so now all I need to do is sit here feeling like a child on Christmas!

Ready for the challenge? You can join me by heading over to the Body By Vi website!

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