Knock knock knock!

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Oh my, what a weekend it's been! Friday at uni and Saturday + today at work.

I was going to go to the gym on Friday morning, but I figured that it's not the best idea to go and do a leg workout when I've got a really tough weekend at work. We are doing a stock take and I was put down for 8-18 today, so I thought that it's really not a good idea to do a long day at work with incredibly sore legs.. :D Thankfully we ended up finishing two hours early today, as we had some help from other shops. Most likely going to do my leg workout either tonight or tomorrow at home, depending on how tired I feel later tonight.

I've noticed how disciplined I actually am at gym compared to working out at home. I really push myself a lot harder, when I'm actually surrounded by people working out! It's probably mainly just me feeling far more motivated to push for the last reps when I think that people are looking. In reality 99% of the people going to my gym probably really don't care! :D


I've been ordering a lot of things for our flat as well. We don't have a lot of cupboard space, so I really wanted to buy a spice rack that I can just leave on the counter. And the best thing about this one is that it spins! It also came with 16 glass jars I can put all my spices in, so they're all nicely visible and in matching jars. I got some white labels from work today to stick on the lids, so I can spot my spices instantly. I just can't wait to see all the jars full up, the colours will be absolutely amazing! Knowing me I will even arrange the jars based on colour, hah! Dried herbs in one, browns and yellows in one... :D

And as I was browsing Amazon for things I need, it really hit me that I'm missing a digital food scale. I had a look at John Lewis, Tesco and a few other places, and they're really asking ridiculous amounts of money for something so simple! I don't care how posh their scales are, I'm not paying £50 for one! This scale cost me roughly £12 and does exactly what I want it to, no extra features to complicate things. It's small, matches everything else in our kitchen and looks really nice. What more could you ask for?

I know it might sound very odd that I'm getting so excited over a food scale, but I haven't actually had a digital one until now. It'll be nice to get exact measures of ingredients when I'm baking and cooking.

It's really not a secret, that I'm not exactly a girly person. I'm more into all sorts of nerdy stuff and games, and I've had this amazing Big Bang Theory poster on top of our wardrobe for a few weeks now. I was going to buy a frame for it in Ikea, but either Ikea has very odd frame sizes or the poster size is weird. There was just no way I could make the poster look nice in the frames available, so I bought these cheap plastic holders you slide to the ends of the poster to straighten it up. Now all I need is a bit of fishing line and I can hang it in our new nerd cave at the flat. It's funny how the smallest things make me happy.. :D The poster will look glorious, though!

*knock knock knock* Penny!
And just because this post isn't full of materialism already, one more thing! I remember my mum having a little magnetic shopping list on our fridge door when I was little, and now that I finally have my very own fridge, I wanted one of my own! I really like the look fo chalk boards and when I saw this board I just knew I needed to have it. I got a bit bored last night and started scribbling on it, sketching one of our dogs in her element, haha! She is really protective of her bones and I feel like I captured her essence in that little sketch spot on! My father-in-law even said that I'm going to have to buy another one now, as I'm not allowed to wipe that off! And apparently I need to draw one of our other dog as well. Maybe this will be my calling, making silly sketches of dogs! :D

It's quite amazing how much time blogging actually takes up. I think I started writing this roughly 45 minutes ago and I'm only just finished! I can see why popular bloggers actually have it as a full time job, it took me so long to just write about my weekend, not to mention all the special posts I do every now and then.

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