Happy tired

Thursday, February 06, 2014

My brother likes to use the phrase "I'm happy tired", when he's worn out by exercise. You know, that amazing feeling you have after working out but at the same time it's made you incredibly tired. A very odd feeling, isn't it? Well, I can definitely say I've hit happy tired for the first time in a very long time. ♥

Upper body day at the gym this morning. Got there around 9.15 again like I did yesterday (I like my bed too much, ok?), was nice and quiet today though! Maybe the miserable weather had something to do with it? Anyways, I absolutely loved getting back into weight training! I was being quite cautious as it's been months since I've actually been to the gym, so stuck to what I know and did some stuff with lighter weights than I did last autumn. For example, lat raises have always been my weak spot and I really can't do a full set with my usual weights, so I stuck to a very modest 2kg dumbbell today! Even that nearly proved to be too much, I felt so weak! :D It did get far better after that, and I bumped the weights up to my usual 4/6 kg for the rest of the workout.

I've seen very little point in updating my muscle progress lately, since I haven't even been to the gym to get any muscle anyways. Felt like flexing a bit before heading out to uni today, and I'm really pleased that I haven't really lost that much definition in my arms over the four or so months I've been out of the gym. Latest flex here. Quite noticable difference in fat levels though! I'm finally getting rid of those annoying bingo wings.

I was doing some outfit pictures today before heading out, and it really surprised to see my figure from the back. I was simply trying to get a nice picture of the back of my top (I just think the detail is cute!), and when I checked the picture I just couldn't understand where on earth those massive shoulders have appeared from! Your back isn't exactly something you look at every day, so seeing such a change made me so confused - in a good way, of course. My waist is getting tiny!

The god awful weather is really starting to impact everything now, the traffic was an absolute nightmare on my way home. I managed to take quite a pretty picture from the car, though! My inner photographer started tingling when I was staring at all the lights through the rain covered window, hah!

Have a lovely rest of the evening everyone!

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