Feeling positive about my progress!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm hoping you're all enjoying the new layout I installed (and sorry for anyone who got caught in the middle of it, when I was still tweaking things around)! I felt like I needed a complete change to the feel of the blog after the name change, and this is definitely a breath of fresh air! All the different follow- buttons are in one handy place now. And did you notice, you can also find me on Twitter now!

Thursday, upper body day! I actually really loved the set I planned last week, so apart from one change I ended up going for the same workout. I was going to plan a new one, but when I actually realised I didn't plan one it was already late and I just couldn't be bothered.

While my muscle mass hasn't grown that much since the start of this month, I just wanted to have a look at how I'm doing. You can actually see the player of fat slowly making it's way out of my body! My arms are starting to slim down quite nicely, and that makes me so happy! Still got a little remain of a bingo wing right by my armpit but I'll make sure it won't hang around for too long.

 The difference of not even a month! Left side today, right side 6th Feb.

I'm feeling really confident about being beach ready by end of May! I might not actually hit the magical 64kg if I carry on the way I have been at the gym, but that really doesn't bother me at this point. :) I can see my body change for the better on a daily basis, and as long as those inches melt away I'll be more than pleased.

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