Sunday, February 23, 2014

Do you guys ever have days, when you just feel so euphoric and happy? My incredible mood was fully down to to going to the gym in the morning, but oh my god how good I felt afterwards! More on that in a bit. ;)

I found a nice recipe for non-bake brownies (Finnish only) a while back, and I've been dying to try them ever since! I finally got most of the ingredients last night, so decided to give it a go! I forgot to get some honey and because I didn't look properly, bought two lots of chocolate instead of chocolate and cocoa powder (because you know, I figured that the stuff in the tube would've been cocoa powder but guess I was wrong). Also forgot to get honey so used a tablespoon of sugar, plus didn't get any Kalahari salt because I have no clue where to get any. The chocolate used in the original recipe is "raw" chocolate as well, I just used roughly 50g of normal chocolate meant for baking and a tablespoon of sugar.

Anyways! Here's the original recipe shown in the blog (1dl equals roughly half a cup):
2dl walnuts
1dl cashews
1dl almonds (pre soaked)
10 dates
1dl coconut flakes
1tsp Kalahari salt
30g cocoa butter, 30g cocoa mass and 1tsp honey melted together

These amounts are rough estimates, but it seemed to work for my trial batch. 

You really don't need to be a genius to figure this one out. You get a food processor, grind up all the nuts and then throw in the dates (I left the nuts a bit chunky, but you could literally just grind the entire thing to a paste). After you've melted the chocolate, you simply mix the nuts and chocolate together and spread the mix onto a baking tray. Stick it in the freezer to set for a while and you're done!

I was definitely missing the sweetness you'd get from honey and the coconut flakes. Now it's pretty much just nut mix with some chocolate. :D They were really good, though! A great little post-workout snack. My first lot really looked nothing like the stuff I saw on the blog, but nevermind! It'll go down the same way. And I've got enough nuts and dates for at least one more go, maybe I'll fine tune the recipe a bit and see what happens.

But yeah, back to feeling amazing! I had a bit of a lay in today, and once I managed to drag myself out of bed I headed straight for the gym to get the workout out of the way I had planned for last Friday. It's really odd how addicted to working out I'm getting now, maybe it's my Body By Vi shakes providing an incredible side effect or something!

Speaking of Body By Vi, I'm really seeing results already! Maybe it's just the decrease in carbs I'm eating over the day, but my tummy has gone down slightly! Even if it's just water and general bloating leaving my system, I'm not complaining! I'm quite looking forward to my weigh in next Sunday, see how well I've done so far! :)

As I was feeling so great, I figured that I'll slip into my fabulously pink jeans before heading out for a family dinner. These jeans are by far my favourites, but they really need a day when I'm feeling super positive and confident or I'll feel really awkward. I mean, they're not the most discreet pair of jeans around, are they? :D

Being able to wear these jeans is such an achievement for me both physically and mentally. I'm the lightest I have been since I was 17, and that is giving me such a confidence boost. And I look far better than I did back then, I'm actually in the process of toning up instead of slowly gaining weight.

It's the last day of my half term today. In a way I'm glad I'm heading back to uni, as I've really felt isolated this week. Apart from my other half and people at work I've barely spent any time with people or even spoken to anyone properly. Felt a bit like an outsider this week.

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