Routines, I've missed you!

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Getting back to my usual routine has been more than welcome. While I was still working over the Christmas holiday, I always had odd days off so towards the end of the holiday I was just completely mixed up with days and on Sunday I actually thought that it was Thursday..

I did absolutely no uni work over the holidays and I've got so much catching up to do this week. I don't mind though, keeps my mind occupied when I'm not at uni / work. We did get kicked out from our Mac studio for the entire day though and we had to put up with the horrible PCs every other student around the college use every day. Slow and horrible machines and I'm so used to working with Macs, the amount of mini meltdowns we had on the PCs was hilarious.. :D

Really looking forward to tomorrow now, according to the weather forecast it should be another sunny day! It's so nice of the weather to be nice when I've got a day off, I actually get to enjoy it instead of having to admire the amazing weather from behind a computer at uni! Maybe I'll spend a few hours just going through new running / walking routes around town, I just follow the same few routes every time and it's getting a bit dull! I've lived here for nearly four years now, I should be far more familiar with the town than I am.

And now it's time to enjoy some lovely chicken pizza and laugh at silly trolls on the internet. ♥ 

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