Friday, January 24, 2014

It's been a fun few days! We got to mess around with film cameras at uni yesterday (I felt like Chris looked hilarious with it as he's so tiny) and create short intros. The task was to drop something from a height and film it from two angles at the same time, then mash it all up into one seamless intro. The guys actually ended up climbing on a big container and dropping a brick all the way down to the pavement. :D Despite it being freezing outside, it was good fun and it's nice to get the practical work in this early in the project. Gives you freedom and experience with the equipment (even though I don't think I'll end up using video in mine).

As our move in- date gets closer, I'm starting my nesting phase! I've made a long shopping list and I was just going through it last night, making little notes and planning what to get. I was pretty much glued to the Ikea website, as I was trying to find plates and pots I like. I'm even considering getting myself a set of enamel cookware, as I do cook a lot and I think that enamel is far better than any other cookware material out there. And my favourite Italian Gino D'Acampo has released a small set of enamel pots and pans for a very reasonable price, would be silly not to! Before I've only seen Rachael Ray's set that was well over £150 and for my current budget that's just far too much, but Gino's set is a very affordable £40. :)

My blog makes it quite obvious, that I like to cook simple. Unless I've got a lot of time to spare and it's a special occasion, my cooking is very basic. But then again, even simple food can be delicious! Today's lunch consisted of pasta, salmon, peas & sweet corn mix, a dollop of creme fraiche and sweet chilli sauce. It's one of my go to- dishes if I'm out of ideas, just need to replace the white pasta to whole wheat and it'll be completely guilt free. ;)

I will hopefully start posting more recipes in the near future, as I am finally going to invest in a digital food scale! This way I can include all the nutritional information in the recipe, making it easier for all you nutrition conscious people to plan your meals!

So far my clean eating plan is going quite smoothly. I told Chris off for wanting McDonalds yesterday after uni (even though I was absolutely starving and would've loved to have a burger!), and so far I've resisted the chocolates! We've got this massive bowl of chocolates in the kitchen that were left over from Christmas (and mum brought some Geisha chocolates over from Finland), and it's screaming my name every time I'm down there! I actually picked one up after lunch and was about to unwrap it, but didn't give into the temptation and put it back in the bowl.

I may have been a bit too hasty, when I said that I'd be writing two articles a month for I've got a lot to say and I couldn't help writing another article! It should be published very shortly, I will of course share the link with you guys again! :)

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