My view on bikini bridge

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The bikini bridge phenomenon has been a hot topic in media recently and I really wanted to voice my own opinion about it.

Facebook has a group called Bikini Bridge, that lets girls upload pictures of them in a bikini and allow other users to rate their "bridge". Most of these pictures are completely anonymous in a sense, the pictures don't include their faces. This makes it so easy for teenaged girls trying to hide eating disorders from their parents and friends.

Copied from the Bikini Bridge Facebook group.

I find this really worrying. Girls are under constant pressure to look a certain way and social media promoting being this skinny really makes me shiver!! It's really not healthy to be that skinny and it's not attractive to have all your bones sticking out! Please girls, have some sense in your heads and go for a far more healthier look! 

I do admit feeling the pressure of being skinny when I was younger. I wasn't a thin girl back in school and it was something the bullies would pick up on. I constantly thought about starving myself to look like the pretty girls in my class (and I also had far worse thoughts because of it!). I still suffer with confidence issues on a daily basis because I was expected to fit in that super skinny mould the media worships, but now I'm glad I never did that to myself. I'm working towards a healthier me, not an anorexic, withered me!

Stay strong girls, don't give into the pressure.

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