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Friday, January 31, 2014

I got a text from Dream Fitness the other day, saying that my access card has arrived. They had such a busy January that they run out of them, so I had to wait for my baby for a while! I mean I had access to the gym without it as the door has been open because of the shortage, but just having it makes me feel all giddy! The plan is to get started next Wednesday, my hip is starting to feel like its usual self now (about time!). Just need to start slow and listen to my body, I've had enough injuries to know better than to go all out instantly.

And I have a feeling I'll get my fair share of exercise over the weekend, walking around Ikea for hoooours on Sunday and then moving all our stuff into our flat, I have a feeling I'm going to have sore arms on Monday!

I also went for a little shopping trip when I was in town getting my card. I went through all my shoes and bags last night, and ended up throwing away quite a few pairs of shoes. I can be quite cheap when it comes to buying shoes, so I actually ended up with two pairs of shoes with holes in them! In this weather they're absolutely horrible, as the cold gets in and it's never completely dry where I walk so the amount of times I've had a wet sock is ridiculous. :D

And I also bought a load of black tights for myself, as I always seem to tear them one way or another. I've had this leather skirt for ages now, but the lack of black tights has made it impossible to wear them (it's so short that I really don't feel like stepping out of the house without tights). But that issue has finally been fixed, I get to wear my cute twirly skirt now!

I will probably be a bit less active blog wise over the weekend and over the next few weeks, we have to wait til 13th Feb to get our internet running at the flat. Hopefully I'll get a chance to post some updates from uni or the in-laws, though. :)

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