Involuntary rest week

Friday, January 17, 2014

To start off my week I managed to injure my hip somehow! I've got absolutely no clue of how I managed that but since Monday my hip has been incredibly sore and walking causes very nasty stinging pain all across my left hip. Hooray for feeling old and fragile.

And I think I managed to make it worse yesterday. I didn't feel any kind of pain so I thought that I'll go for a walk for the first time all week. Baaaad idea. I came back home with a bucketful of pain and I'm back to limping again.

This has really pushed me back as I was hoping to be really active this week to make up for the lack of exercise and eating out last weekend. And in a way Christmas is still haunting me, this is not the start to the year I was after!

On another note, I've been keeping an eye on my muscle growth recently. Walking / running is still my main form of exercise and it's really started to show recently. I've always struggled finding boots that actually fit me but now it's starting to get near impossible! My tibialis anterior muscle (or in common terms, the muscle on top of your shin bone) has grown so much that it's insanely visible when I tense my leg now. In a way I'm really happy that my progress is so visible, but then again I really don't need the extra challenge with shoes! I've also been considering buying a pair of skinny jeans but how on earth am I meant to fit these legs into skinnies?

Now that my hip isn't feeling great, I'm getting quite lazy with things. I usually spend 10ish minutes with my makeup but the thought of standing up for that long really isn't appealing right now. Off to uni with a natural look it is!

Oh and I found this on my other half's phone a while back, this was taken at a Volbeat gig in late 2011. Scary, isn't it?

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