How to stick to your New Year's resolutions

Thursday, January 02, 2014

People really tend to make the mistake of getting far too into their weight loss resolutions and when they burn out because of it, they give up. Here's a few helpful tips to everyone who's recently started their journey into becoming a better version of themselves!

1. Start slow. There's no point going all out the very first week. You need to keep in mind that losing weight and getting in shape requires a lifestyle change. Just going on a fad diet will get you absolutely no results in the long run and a lot of people gain all the weight back after going back to their old diets. 80% of weight loss happens in the kitchen, so make sure to tweak your overall diet to a more healthy one! It takes a while to get used to change, so don't overburden your body by changing too many things at a time.

2. Rest. When we exercise we actually damage our muscles so our bodies really need the rest to be able to repair all the damage we have caused. Don't worry though, it's not bad damage - as long as you don't go all out and don't rest. If you overdo it you will really injure yourself and that will put everything on hold or even make you quit.

3. Find something you enjoy. It goes without saying that trying to get fit by doing something you don't enjoy will make you give up eventually. Not a fan of the gym? Try an exercise DVD you can do in the privacy of your own home or go for a run instead.

4. Spot reduction is a myth. All these exercise programs claiming to target your problem areas and melting the fat away is a bit fat lie. Your body will burn fat evenly around your body (granted, some people seem to lose more from certain areas) so it's no wonder if you feel frustrated when you don't get the results the program claims.

5. Balance. For best results combine cardio with resistance training. While cardio will make you look lean, having a bit more muscle mass will make you look incredibly healthy and it'll also increase your rest burn. Don't worry ladies, weight lifting won't turn you into a Hulk unless you actually aim towards a muscular look, it'll simply make you look incredible!

6. Don't give up. Body transformation takes a long time, it's not going to happen overnight but requires a lot of dedication. Don't think about how far away your goal is, but how far you've already come! Just imagine yourself a year from now, just think about how amazing you're going to look if you just stick to it!

7. Track your progress! I really can't stress this enough, track it track it track it! Weigh yourself, take measurements, take pictures! Only weigh yourself once a week for most accurate results. Your weight can fluctuate throughout the day so you will just get discouraged if you keep stepping on the scales every day at different times of the day. I personally do it every Sunday morning, right after waking up and going to the bathroom.

Good luck!

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