Getting excited about lunch boxes now!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I bumped into something so cute and handy at work yesterday - versatile lunch boxes! Sistema has a range called To Go, a very colourful range of BPA free plastics (includes soup mugs, sandwich boxes etc.)! Just the thought of it being BPA free made me want it, but the size and flexibility of it sold it to me. And obviously can't argue with the awesome colour. ;)

Now that I'm actually making lunch to go on a regular basis, I want the box to be quite 'high end' in a way. Until now I couldn't use any salad dressings, as I'd have to pour it straight onto the salad and keep it in the box for hours, but Sistema actually has come up with a clever idea of including a small dressing pot! It also has a separate compartment for keeping whatever snacks you want to take with you, keeping it separate from the main lunch. On top of it all it comes with a fork and knife! Can't love this enough.

Anyways, let's not make this post all about me being a geek over a lunch box! I realised that I haven't really posted any progress pictures for a while again. My posting pace in general has been a bit slower again as well, but I'm blaming moving house on that! Finally started boxing stuff up last night, so many boxes full already and I feel like I haven't even started!

It's weird how I still don't see that figure when I look in the mirror. I know it's there, but I just don't see it or feel like it's there. All I think about is how I've still got so much weight to drop and it's getting a bit stressful now. Especially now that I've had to be careful with my hip, my nerves are just getting tighter about it! I was going to go to the gym today as well, but feeling like I've got far too much to do right now to be able to go. Argh!

The dogs stalking me in those pictures is quite amusing, though.

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  1. vitsi sulla on ihanan littee maha! :> täälläki paino alkanu taas vähän pudota ^^ vyötäröllä tosin komeilee kasa pelastusrenkaita, empähä huku jos tipun jäihi.. :D

  2. Kiitos. :) Vaatteilla kylla pystyy huijaamaan aika paljon, kylla miulla viela tuota mahaa on vaikka muille jakaa. :D Korkeevyotaroiset housut / sukkahousut on miun pelastus, pystyy pitamaan vaatteita mita ei ilman apua ja litistysta viittis pitaa ollenkaan.