Final target date set!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I've kind of had an idea of when I want to reach my target weight by. Ever since I started I had the magical time frame of one and a half years in mind and with my current pace I'm sticking to that target pretty well. Originally I thought that it'd be nice to be done with losing weight by end of June, but now I've got a new date in mind!

A huge chunk of my closest friends live in different countries so I only get to see them once or twice a year when we gather up in either Holland or London. Our latest meetup was last October for my birthday, so it's been a while now! One of my friends messaged me earlier today about wanting to have everyone over for her birthday in May so that's my new target! Looking to fly over on 16th May, so until then I'm going to work my butt off and eat as clean as I possible can. I also placed a bet with my other half because he doesn't think I can stay away from curries for so long - if I don't have any takeaway for seventeen weeks he will give me £20! :D That'll pay for one hell of a takeaway haha!

Last October & rock chick- theme

Oh and things are getting rather exciting in our lives now, as we are looking to move house! The one we have in mind right now is really close to town, which would mean incredibly easy access to my new gym (hopefully I'll manage to arrange a meeting with the gym owner for Wendesday so I can get started) and a swimming pool as well! Was thinking of doing three weight training days and one day of cardio (either at the gym or swimming pool), maybe throw in a few walks as well depending on my schedule.

But yeah, it's all exciting at the moment!

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