Filming in the freezing cold!

Monday, January 27, 2014

After a very long soak in the bath earlier tonight I'm feeling human enough to write! It's been a very long day today, but more about that in a bit.

I'm still (getting just a bit annoying now!) recovering from my hip injury, but just couldn't resist going for a walk yesterday. In a way a bad idea as I did feel a bit of a sting every now and then, but on the upside I felt absolutely amazing afterwards. I've really been careful with my hip for weeks now and it was driving me nuts, I just need my exercise to stay happy and alert.

We've had quite a few storm warnings across the country again, and oh my god it really was windy again! I wanted to sit down at the beach for a while and just take the fresh air in, but it was actually so windy that I got cold after a few minutes! Not fair I say.

I've been pretty active with writing articles since being invited to join the team, and my third one has been published! This time I wanted to have a bit of a rant about all the weight loss information that's available to us online and in books, you can read the full article here! Time for a creative break now I feel, I'm trying to come up with some unique ideas to write about and it's not easy!

We spent most of today in Brighton to get some footage for our uni projects. I was expecting it to be quite chilly but chilly was an understatement! The wind was so freezing and standing still for ages really made us all freeze up completely. To make things worse, I only slept for roughly three hours last night due to some rather upsetting stuff going through my head. I was far from awake all afternoon and we didn't even stop for lunch during the day. We only had a chance to eat after getting back to uni around 6pm, by that time I was so hungry I probably would've started eating my own fingers if I had to wait for much longer.

And my plan for the rest of the night includes Revenge, Breaking Bad and bed. Had a long soak in the bath as I mentioned, my back really didn't agree with the cold so I've been quite achy since we left Brighton. The warm water really helped my muscles relax, feeling just a bit more human again. :)

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