All you need is a good friend

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

When I started uni back in September I was absolutely petrified. We started out as a group of eight, with everyone else knowing someone on the course and obviously having bonds with them. In a way I was the outsider of the group and I was just really worried that I'd struggle making friends.

But all the way from the first week there was someone who really seemed to take notice and wanted to get to know me. And that friendship has grown incredibly strong over the four or so months we've known each other.

Chris has got such an amazing talent of reading people and every single time I've felt down for whatever reason he's been able to make me laugh within ten seconds. I did have quite a bumpy autumn with my personal life getting in the way of my studies really badly, and without Chris I really would've fallen apart. We actually get on so well that our tutor thought that Chris was the reason I was so distracted, even though he was the one looking after me! Apparently being happy and laughing is a distraction, go figure. :)

While Chris isn't actually an athletic type and so far hasn't offered to go to the gym with me, he's got his funny way of supporting me fitness wise. He is so addicted to McDonalds and we used to go over there for dinner after uni at times, then all of a sudden he just said to me that he feels a bit guilty for doing that because it'll just ruin my progress. Bless his heart. ♥

We haven't actually taken any pictures together, so this screen grab from a DayZ video Chris shot a few weeks back will have to do! :D

He actually made a post about me on his Tumblr last night, that's why I felt like repaying the favour. :) I really wouldn't look past that post if you're not alone (or under 18 for that matter..), very very NSFW. :D

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  1. Miksi Chris kirjoittaa sinusta nimellä Ria?

    1. Käytän täällä Englannissa toista nimeäni Mariaa, ja Ria on sitten siitä muotoutunut lempinimi. :)