WI 47: STS + progress check

Sunday, December 08, 2013

This month has dragged so bad weight loss wise. It's been really frustrating to have all these uni committments and work just dragging everything down. I'm just so looking forward to having a break from uni work for the best part of a month (our deadline is Tuesday and we won't start a new project until January), gives me a proper chance to get back into exercising and looking after myself.

And measurements. Not even going to post the pictures as there's absolutely no change at all from last month.

Arms: 30cm (30cm)
Bust: 97,5cm (99cm)
Waist: 72,5cm (72,5cm)
Belly: 91cm (90,5cm)
Thighs: 57cm (57,5cm)
Weight: 71,3kg (72kg)

But on a happier note, I've finished my uni project! Just needs printing out properly at uni but it's done! 

And I have a target for myself: I want to be out of the 70s by my next progress check in January!

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  1. Hey! I've only just found your blog but I just wanted to say I'm already in love with it! Hang in there too, we all have bad months, just work hard to make this one a good one :) And well done on finishing your project! :D xx

    1. Thank you Shannon! :) It's so nice to know that people like my writing style.

      I'm at that stage in my project that I refuse to give up, I've lost so much weight now that it would just be silly to throw it all away. Getting a break from all the stress that comes with uni work will be so nice, I get to put my own body back on track so to speak. ;)

      And for a specific reason I'm not even going to struggle with all the chocolates pouring in over Christmas, but that'll be a post of its own!