Nearly there!

Friday, December 06, 2013

It's amazing how everything else gets pushed aside when there's a big deadline coming up. I haven't had the energy for exercise or blogging at all with all my uni stuff lately. Final deadline is on Monday (or Tuesday, that's when we do our evaluations) and I've still got loads to do so this'll be a sweet n short post to let you all know that I'm still alive! :D

It's really coming down to the fine details now. I've been tracing fonts on a separate bit of paper to "create" my own font to use in the final magazine, created tons of mockups of it and now I'm at the stage where I just need to put it all together and print it off. After Monday I can finally breathe and relax again, get back to exercising properly and actually recharge my batteries for the next term.

Right now all I'm hoping is that the project is a pass (our grading system is pass - merit - distinction) as I am just really drained and quite done with this project. For our first project it's just been so much to manage - we've been asked to be an editor, a designer, a photographer, a researcher and a journalist for this project, which just is a bit much in my opinion. Then again this is the very first year of the course I'm on so we are the guinea pigs.

I really stepped out of my comfort zone clothes wise today. I don't think I've ever worn something this short and it really made me feel self conscious all day. I just kept tugging my top down and making sure my shirt wasn't wonky! :D Then again I did quite like it, it's just me not being used to clothing like this at all. I've just never had the body to wear anything like this.

Oh and I do like it how the angle in the picture is making me look waaaay taller than I really am.

I've been meaning to mention this for a while now - new handbag yay! I'm not really bothered with accessorising usually and I use the same bag for everything, so actually buying a new bag just for the fun of it is something very weird of me. My friend introduced me to this second hand vintage shop called Rokit a few weeks ago and I just found this absolute gem in the bag section. Rokit is exactly like any second hand shop really, once you've bought an item it gets removed from the website and nobody else will have the same item (or well, obviously if anyone has kept their old clothes etc they will).

And this is what I found - a very adorable pirate themed bag from Betsey Johnson. I only paid £30 for it, which is an absolute bargain compared to the prices of her new bags!

Oh and last weeks weigh in - huuuge gain because of the night before.. :p Christmas do at a Chinese restaurant, you can just imagine the amount of salt in the food + alcohol. Hah.

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  1. Hi Panda, I am at the beginning of my weight loss journey and your blog has inspired me! Did you count calories at the very beginning via my fitness pal or did you just cut out the junk? I am trying to figure out how I can get this started! Thanks, Hannah x

    1. Hi Hannah!

      I'm so happy to hear that I've inspired you! In the very beginning I just dropped all the junk food and started focusing on eating better. I did start using MFP quite early on as I noticed that I wasn't actually eating enough! I'd constantly be under the recommended minimun of 1200 and it really made me quite tired and my weight loss stalled at that point.

      I do recommend just dropping the bad foods for now until you get used to the new eating habits and start counting when you're more comfortable with it! I've pretty much stopped counting now as my food intake stays quite same from day to day, but I do little checks every now and then to make sure that I'm eating enough!